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Our site is a practical guide to multibarrel carbon fiber microelectrode making and extracellular electrophysiology. These techniques are used in neuroscience research to test the effects of neuroactive substances on single nerve cells or to deposit dyes or tract-tracer materials in the nervous system for subsequent histological analysis.
Kation Scientific LLC makes and sells carbon fiber microelectrodes, iontophoresis pumps, extracellular amplifiers and related products. A unique multibarrel micropipette puller has also been developed to allow pulling of long-tapered multibarrel micropipettes using a two-stage pulling method.

New for 2014: A 4-channel microiontophoresis system with automatic current balance
Multichannel iontophoresis pump system with automatic balance channel Main features:
Compliance: +/- 200V, the highest in its class!
Max. ejection current: 500nA.
In-series current measuring.
Current monitor output for recording.
Remote switching by TTL signals.
Automatic balance (sum) current generation.

Coming soon!
Carbostar-3 Carbostar-4

Carbostar 3

Carbon Fiber Electrode

Carbostar 4

Carbostar-7S Carbostar-1

Carbostar 7S


Carbostar 1

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